Novice Class

So you’ve never taken a Reformer, Tower, or a Chair class… Come to one or many novice workouts to get acquainted with the equipment as well as Pilates principles. Learn how to safely mount and adjust each apparatus; springs and loose equipment are potential dangers and your safety is important. You will need this class to keep up with more advanced classes. It is recommended that you ask at the beginning of a novice class before advancing classes, this way your instructor can watch you more closely and give you feedback. Everyone moves at their own pace and there are several qualities your instructor will consider: equipment safety, strength, flexibility, and the ability to release over-engaged muscles. Homework videos are designed to aid you in your progress.

Intermediate Class

The more clients know the quicker they can transition through exercises without assistance setting up their equipment. Clients who are stronger and more aware of the finer movements in Pilates will be able to further build on their strength and flexibility in the Intermediate classes. New intermediate classes will be introduced as the I.C. Pilates community progresses as whole.

Intermediate classes will also include more exercises per class. Never hesitate to take a step back to the Intermediate or Novice class as regressing your workout can aid in recovery or any healing your body may require. Homework videos are designed to help you keep up your practice as well as aid your progress.

Advanced Class

Fun & challenging new exercises are incorporated. Advanced movers are not required to perform perfectly but they understand Pilates principles in their own bodies & have the confidence to perform challenging exercises. We all struggle with areas of our bodies that are more difficult to control for many different reasons. The advanced class will include more exercises per class as well as challenge you with exercises that will require a deeper connection to maintain stability. Homework videos are designed to keep up your practice at home and help you progress.

Mat Pilates

Pilates on the mat is for all levels. Mat Pilates offers the opportunity to challenge your mind, body & endurance. Mat exercises are used for all levels of training and some exercises are more challenging without springs to assist movement. Regressions may be given as well as props to aid or challenge your workout. Please talk to the instructor before the workout with any reservations you may have. This could include previous injuries or any uncertainty. If there is an exercise that makes you uncomfortable you aren’t obligated to perform the movement, please ask for an alternative before or after the class.

Jump Class

Jumping on the Reformer is an incredible aerobic and abdominal workout, you should find the playlist inspiring as well! Some sessions will intersperse jumping throughout the workout while others will have a few jump segments at the beginning followed by targeting strength and flexibility throughout your body. Your arms, core, and booty won’t feel left out! We’ll include them by utilizing the Tower, Chair, & Mat as well.